ideasonideas occupies a unique space. It’s comprised of opinionated essays that get people talking (i.e. almost 200 comments on this post). When an article is added, word spreads quickly amongst bloggers and through the channels like Twitter.

Reach the influencers
There’s no fluff or eye-candy; at ideasonideas visitors are engaged in critical discussion. If you need to reach designers, marketers, or brand builders/managers, ideasonideas is a pretty darned good place to do it.

Some numbers:
Average total unique visitors to date in 2009 number 141,030 or 17,629/month. We do experience occasional traffic spikes, with some individual posts generating a great deal of traffic. For example, in December 2008 we had 50,760 uniques. It’s hard for us to predict which ones will generate this kind of traffic though. (Data collected between Dec. 23/2008 – August 24/2009.)

We currently offer four static sidebar ads (125x—125x) that appear on all pages at ideasonideas. The flat rate for an ad is $300 USD per month. The banners are small and highly visible, given the minimalist design; this means that your ad doesn’t get lost in the noise.

How to do it
Email us at smashLAB and we’ll hook you up, or give us a ring: 604 683 2250.