Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

A gratuitous plug for more of our stuff

A gratuitous plug for more of our stuff
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As you likely know by now, I’m a big-time self-promotion slut. That’s right, let’s just say it. I’ll pretty much do anything to get you to love the things we do at smashLAB. So, today I’m doing it again, plugging our own stuff, and hoping that you’ll give it a try too. (And love it. That’s right… love it.)

A few weeks ago we released a little widget that allows anyone to take content from our site MakeFive, and add it to their website or blog. It’s really quite a nice little thing, but we’re still working to get the word out about it. So, in order to show you just how neat it is, I’m sequestering an ideasonideas post, just to highlight the widget. But, to keep you from feeling like you got smacked by an infomercial, in what is generally a fairly focused blog, I’ll concentrate on topics relating to design.

So… here it goes.  This is what the MakeFive community has to say about design:

See more: The Best Logos

See more: Most influential designers of our time

See more: Best type families

See more: Best things designers can do to save the planet

See more: Best In-Print Design Magazines

If you have an opinion about any of the above lists, just click on the links, and vote for what you like. (You’ll notice that the widget updates here as voting changes.) And if you think this is just the “neatest thing since sliced bread” and want to pop one of these widgets on your site, you can find more information about them here: The MakeFive Widget.

Next time I’ll write something… Really.

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