Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Public address #1

Public address #1
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This is a little out of the ordinary for an ideasonideas post; however, we have a few things to note, and thought it would make sense to lump them together. In this post we’ll discuss some changes to the site, ask for your real name, and invite you to showcase your “green” work.

Escaping the “deny” button

Every comment on ideasonideas is moderated. If you look through past responses, you’ll note that we approve most any response so long as they are not prejudicial (i.e. racist, sexist or homophobic). We have – thankfully – only had to deny a couple of comments for such reasons.

While we allow even highly critical comments, we simply ask that you use your real name. Doing so lends weight to responses; additionally, it seems only fair for those who wish to express less than complimentary thoughts.

Want us to email you?

A recent addition to ideasonideas is the subscribe feature at the top-right of the page. Please sign-up if you wish to be informed of new posts and notes. Subscribers are entered in our completely unscheduled smashLAB gift draws. (You can see a post about our recent greeting card sets here.) BTW – We do not share our subscriber information with anyone. We hate spam as much as you do.

Why there aren’t 300 links in the sidebar

We are often asked to exchange links on our site. Although we appreciate this is a way to build site traffic, we do not trade links. In our minds this ensures that our suggestions in fact represent the sites that we like to frequent. I should also note that in the next couple of weeks, we will update these links to reflect more recent browsing habits.

Show us yours

We are nearing the launch of a public service effort that brings designers together to combat climate change, and are now accepting submissions for the site’s gallery. In this section we will showcase design made with sustainable materials and practices, as well as projects that promote green initiatives or generate awareness. If you have a project you’d like us to consider, please send samples and a description of how sustainability played a part in your effort to:

Well, that’s it for our first public address. Pretty fun, wasn’t it? Okay, so it was perhaps not our most engaging post. Sorry about that. In the future, we’ll spice these up with photos of us in the studio naked, or something equally titillating.

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